Weather Alert

Cameron Enacts Emergency Snow Ordinance

With the anticipated snowstorm, the City of Cameron will enact the emergency snow ordinance.
The following streets are hereby established as emergency snow routes within the city:
(1) West Street—from Fourth Street to Euclid.
(2) Groat Street—from Eighth Street to Fourth Street.
(3) Ensign Trace in its entirety.
(4) McElwain Drive—in its entirety.
(5) Harris Street—from Grand to Seminary Avenue.
(6) Park Avenue—from High Street to Chestnut Street.
(7) Cherry Street—from Fourth Street to Third Street.
8 Chestnut Street—from Fourth Street to Walnut Street.
(9) Main Street—from Fourth Street to Second Street.
(10) East Street in its entirety.
(11) Bob Griffin Road—from US Hwy 36 to Grand Avenue.
(12) Grand Avenue—from Walnut to east city limits.
(13) Pence Road—east and west of Walnut Street to street’s end.
(14) Eighth Street—from Walnut Street west to city limits.
(15) Fourth Street—from Walnut Street west to city limits.
(16) Third Street—from East Street to Harris Street; except the
      parking on the north side from Chestnut Street to Cherry Street.
(17) Second Street—from Walnut Street to Hunt Street.
(18) Burlington Road—from Hunt Street west to city limits.
(19) Prospect Street—from East Street to Harris Street.
(20) Euclid—from Harris Street to west city limits.
(21) High Street—from Park Street to Harris Street.
(22) Evergreen—from Walnut Street to Chestnut Street.

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