Cameron Schools To Start Without Mask Requirement


The Cameron R-1 School District will not start the new school year with a mask mandate.

The district instead will start with a three phase plan that will determine if and when masks are required, or if further mitigation steps will be needed.

The system will start with no mask requirement, the green zone, and will remain that way until the district hits a nine-percent threshold of COVID cases, or symptoms, that according to Superintendent of the Cameron School District Dr. Matt Robinson.

Once a building advances into the yellow zone there will be limits on visitors to the building. If a building gets to a 20-percent mark of COVID situations that building would move into the red zone and would then go back to a 2020 like situation.

Dr. Robinson adds that instead of using county-wide numbers they will be looking internally to determine when to move between stages.

The first day of class for the Cameron School District is on Monday, August 23.