Cameron Veterans Home Shown Numerous Differences In COVID Outbreak

The Missouri Veterans Commission has released a report detailing the failures of their various homes across the state when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, including the Missouri Veterans Home in Cameron.

While the report had positive things to say about the staff of the Cameron facility and their commitment to the veterans they care for, it did find a number of items the facility failed at.

Investigators found the Cameron Veterans Home failed to “plan for sufficient isolation and quarantine units that could be utilized in an outbreak”, there was a failure to separate veterans with suspected or confirmed cases of COVID from the rest of the population at the home, and a failure to quarantine veterans who had temporality left the home.

Other failures noted include failing to implement an effective response plan and method of communicating the changes in an effective manner, failing to implement a testing and screening protocol to avoid transmission and failing to follow guidelines for storing and re-using PPE.

According to the report the Cameron Veterans Home saw their first related cases with a worker on vacation September 19, and a second staff member testing positive September 25. The first two veterans to test positive were September 29 through October 1. In October the home reported 79 veterans had contracted COVID while 44 staff members had also tested positive.

The report says there have been 34 COVID related deaths associated with the Cameron Veterans Home, the most of any of the state’s veterans facilities.

You can view the entire report of all Missouri Veterans Homes including the Cameron facility here.