Central Decatur Board Determines Officers

Central Decatur School Board members held their election of officers for the year during their November meeting. The board voted unanimously for Amber Swartz to serve as the President of the Board. Cayle Buckingham was voted in as Vice President. Becky Broich will serve as Board Secretary/Treasurer. Verle Norris was appointed as the school attorney. The Great Western Bank will be the school’s depository.

Central Decatur’s board received an update from Athletic/Activities Director Zach Clark for the guidelines for activities and athletics. That information can be found on the school’s website at www.centraldecatur.org.

Central Decatur’s board approved hires of Maggie Lindsey as Assistant Junior High Girls Basketball coach, Kyle Kelso for Assistant Junior High Wrestling Coach, Becca Harvey as Basketball Cheer Sponsor, Mike Jacks as Assistant HS Boys Basketball, and Calieb Kistler as Assistant High School Girls Basketball Coach. Resignations were accepted from Joy Evertsen and Missy Williams as Basketball Cheer Sponsors.

The Central Decatur board will decide about offering the Early Retirement Plan at their December meeting.