Chillicothe Officers Deter Juvenile Suicide Attempt

Chillicothe Police stopped a juvenile suicide attempt early Friday morning.

In their weekend activities report, Chillicothe Police report at about 3:15 A.M. Friday an officer patrolling spotted a male juvenile pacing on the U.S. Highway 65 bridge over U.S. Highway 36. That officer reportedly turned around to check on the juvenile and upon his return to the scene found the juvenile on the edge of that bridge.

Another Chillicothe Officer arrived on the scene and began talking with the juvenile but the individual refused to come down from the edge despite multiple requests. During that conversation the first officer on the scene was able to grab the juvenile and safely remove them from the edge of the bridge.

The juvenile was checked on by paramedics with the Chillicothe Fire Department.

Police say the parents were called and the juvenile was later released to them at the Chillicothe Police Department.

In the activities release Chillicothe Chief of Police Jon Maples commends the officers for their bravery, courage, and heroic efforts saving this life, saying “We can be enforcers of the law or we can be guardians who live to protect the community with compassion, making a real difference.”