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Chillicothe Police Activity for 9/28/21

Photo by Jeremy Shields

2:38am, Officer out in the 200 block of N. Washington Street on Public relations detail…..

7:19am, Officer recovered an abandoned bicycle and placed it into storage, to be claimed by the owner….

7:41am, Subject calling PD to speak with Officer…..Officer taking call….

7:59am, Subject calling to PD to speak with Officer…..Subject will email the Officer….

8:16am, School Resource Officer with young subject near Miller and Bryan St…..Taking the subject to Field School…..

8:37am, Officer out in the 100 block of Wilson Street on an investigation….

8:52am, Subject calling to speak with Officer and provide information on a theft investigation…..Officer contacting the caller…..

9:22am,Subject calling PD to speak with Officer with update on previous information that had been relayed to Officer in reference an alleged assault….Information received….

10:16am, Officers responded to the 100 block of Calhoun Street in regards to a domestic disturbance which occurred earlier that morning…. It was unclear who was the primary physical aggressor and no arrests were made….

10:23am, Subject calling PD to speak with Officer in reference providing information on a previously reported theft…..Officer taking the call….

10:36am, Officers assisting MoDOT with traffic control at N. Washington and Kelsey Reeter Road for maintenance on traffic signal….

10:51am, Prosecutor’s Office calling to speak with Officer….Officer taking call….

10:57am, Officer out at PD for fingerprinting detail….Fingerprints taken….

11:25am, Juvenile Office calling to speak with Officer…..Officer taking call….

11:54am, Subject in PD to speak with Officers in reference to possible illegal activity having taken place in Court Case…..Information received and investigation continuing….

11:57am, Officers responded to 400 block Grandview Avenue for a check wellbeing of a female juvenile who had made statements of self-harm to her mother over the phone and was possibly attempting suicide…. Upon officers arrival it was determined the female had attempted to harm themselves and was transported to HMC for treatment and a mental evaluation….

12:39pm, School Resource Officer calling to speak with Officer…Officer taking call….

1:16pm, Subject in PD to speak with Officer in reference to a follow-up investigation….

1:58pm, Officer assisted Emergency Services in the 900 block of Third Street where someone had used clothing and started a small fire….The fire was extinguished…..

2:23pm, Officers out on follow-up investigation in the 100 block of Tenth Street……

2:25pm, Subject calling to speak with Officer in reference to a continuing investigation… Officer speaking with them….

2:50pm, Subject in PD to turn themselves in on an active Probation violation warrant…

2:58pm, Subject calling to speak with Officer….They are going to call back on a day next week….

3:11pm, Subject calling to speak with Officer…..Officer taking the call…

3:22pm, Officer out in the 300 block of S. Washington Street in reference follow-up on theft investigation…..

4:01pm, Officer stopped an all-terrain vehicle after observing it being operated by a subject that was known to have a revoked license….The driver was arrested, transported to the PD, processed and released with a citation …..

5:02pm, Subject calling from 1400 block of Clay Street with further information on a theft….Officers obtained information and investigation is continuing……….

6:57pm, Officers out at residence in the 200 block of Calhoun Street to report of subject contemplating self-harm……The subject was contacted by Officers and deemed to be OK….

7:21pm, Officers reported to the1300 block of Monroe Street in reference to a subject having walked away from the facility….Several locations were checked and Officers were unable to locate the subject…..The subject ultimately contacted a residence and was returned to the facility….

9:42pm, Officers reported to business in the 1000 block of Graves Street in reference to a theft…..Information was obtained on suspects and investigation is continuing….

11:33pm, Officers reported to the 700 block of Cowgill Street for a possible disturbance….Officers made contact with a resident and no disturbance was located….No report at this time….

11:39pm, Officers responded to a residence in the 300 block of Cherry Street in reference an issue involving ownership of a dog….Subject advised it is Civil matter….No report….

Numerous traffic stops, continuing investigations and building security checks….

Chillicothe Police received 137 calls for service on 09/28/2021…..

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