Clinton County Inmate Escapes; Gets Recaptured

An inmate at the Clinton County jail briefly tasted freedom this morning after escaping from the facility in Plattsburg, but was recaptured.

According to information released today by Clinton County Sheriff Larry Fish, inmate Jason Hale escaped the Clinton County jail at about midnight Friday morning after his cell door failed to latch correctly.

Hale was recaptured by the Clay County Sheriff’s Office at about 6 A.M. in the area of Highway 92 and Highway C. Hale was then returned to the custody of the Clinton County Sheriff.

Hale was originally being held at the jail awaiting a hearing for tampering with a motor vehicle. He will now be charged with escape.

In a release Sheriff Fish said “In an effort to prevent situations like this in the future, we continue to update our jail protocols and make necessary modifications to ensure all detention equipment and devices are operating correctly.”

The investigation into the incident is on-going.