Clinton County Selected to Test New Broadband Technology


A grant awarded to a team of researchers led by folks at Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla will bring an experimental high speed internet technology to Clinton County.

The research team, with researchers and partners from Missouri University of Science and Technology, Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, United Electric Cooperative, Maximize Northwest Missouri and MU Extension, will use a $300,000 grant from the technology nonprofit US Ignite’s Project OVERCOME to test an experimental technology that could expand rural access to high-speed internet and the opportunities that can bring.

Researchers will use a technology, called RF Over Fiber, in which multiple low-bandwidth radio frequency (RF) devices are digitally stitched together to simulate a high-bandwidth device. The technology can provide high-speed internet access to areas lacking a fiber broadband infrastructure.

The Project OVERCOME collaboration will test the technology’s potential to reduce costs, expand broadband access to underserved communities and attract public and private investment. Hopes are the project will provide a template to be disseminated and replicated by other rural co-ops and municipalities around the country.