Clinton County Sheriff Reports Scam Using Their Number

The Clinton County Sheriff’s Office says citizens are reporting that scammers are back at it in the county and this time they are using the Sheriff’s number to try to fool you.

According to the Sheriff’s Office citizens have been getting calls from what appears to be the Sheriff’s phone number. The scammers are stating there is a subpoena, a warrant, or possibly fraudulently signed documents for the potential scam victim.

In each case the caller offers to allow the potential victim to pay a fee or bond to make the issue go away.

Authorities want to remind you of major red flags in these scams. They say no law enforcement agency will call you and tell you that you have a warrant for your arrest and to settle this warrant you can pay over the phone via, gift cards, western union, wire transfers or other means. The same goes for subpoenas.

They also add that no warrant will ever just “go away” if you pay it, you still have to show up to court.

Authorities add that scammers will likely know a lot of information about you, such as home address, type of car you drive, even kids names, as most of that information is readily available through social media and internet searches.