Community Blood Center Declares Another Blood Shortage Emergency

The Community Blood Center has declared a second blood emergency in the past 75 days and their fourth blood emergency in 2022.

The CBC says the region’s blood supply is once again at one to two days, and the CBC says the gap between what hospital patients need and the available blood supply is growing. The CBC says they have not had the ideal blood supply of 5 to 7 days in over 30 months.

The problem isn’t just local though. For more than two and a half years blood centers across the nation have been struggling to keep up with patient needs.

Experts say one of the bigger issues resulting in the shortage is a lack of first time and younger donors. In 2019, CBC saw over 20,000 first-time donors. In 2022 they are expected to end the year with approximately 9,000 fewer first-time donors.

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