Congressmen Graves & Cleaver Demand Answers About Delayed Mail Service

Congressman Sam Graves has teamed up with Congressman Emanuel Cleaver in a letter to the Postmaster General demanding answers to slow mail service reported in some areas of Missouri.

Congressman Graves says his office has taken many complaints of delayed packages and mail only being delivered a couple times each week. For years the Postal Service’s justification for the delays was that they were losing money and that they had to cut costs. In April, Congress passed the Postal Service Reform Act, resulting in the Postal Service realizing a $60 billion net profit last quarter.

Despite the profits, Graves says his office continues to get complaints of delayed mail, or mail delivered only one or two times a week. He says this affects seniors depending on mail to get prescriptions, small businesses depending on mail to get payments and many others receiving bills in the mail.

Congressmen Graves and Cleaver made is clear that they feel the problem is in leadership, not with the local public servants delivering the mail each day.

The Postal Service is one of the only agencies authorized by the Constitution. Federal law requires the postal service to deliver mail six days a week.