Daviess County Livestock Show Results

The Daviess County Junior Livestock Show got underway with the Swine Show at Dockery Park in Gallatin.

The Grand Champion Boar was exhibited by Mica Dunscombe, who showed a Duroc breed boar. Braelyn Windham’s Crossbred Boar was Reserve Champion. Abigail Burns showed Berkshire boars that won the In-County Grand and Reserve Championship Awards.

Bailey Miller exhibited the Overall and the Reserve Champion Gilts. Bailey had two breed winners, in the Berkshire and the Spot categories. Hadley Corbin placed 3rd. Kala Piatt was 4th. Paiten Hall was 5th. Abigail Burns won the In-County Gilt category.

Morgan Bottcher exhibited the Grand Champion Market Barrow. It came from the Crossbred category. Landon Baker’s Duroc finished as the Reserve Champion. Megan Botcher finished 3rd. Remington Rhodes was 4th. Ember Gilgour finished 5th.

Megan Botcher won Senior Showmanship. Kala Piatt took Intermediate Showmanship. Hadley Corbin was the Junior Showman. Abigail Burns won the Swine Herdsmanship category.


Daviess County Goat Show Results

Meat Buck
Grand Champion-Layla Baker
Reserve Champion-Addy Schuman

Meat Doe
Grand Champion-Layla Baker
Reserve Champion-Gabriel Derks
3rd Overall-Matthew Blanchard
4th Overall-Layla Baker
5th Overall-Layla Baker

Market Goat
Grand Champion-Matthew Blanchard
Reserve Champion-Matthew Blanchard
3rd Overall-Matthew Blanchard
4th Overall-Addy Schuyman
5th Overall-Nevaeh Wollard

Senior Showmanship-Gabriel Derks
Intermediate Showmanship-Layla Baker and Matthew Blanchard

Herdsmanship-Nevaeh Wollard

Daviess County Sheep Show

Grand Champion-Wyatt Wierzbicki
Reserve Championship-Harlee Beck

Grand Champion-Farrah Lauhoff
Reserve Championship-Wyatt Wierzbicki
3rd Overall-Isiah Wamsley
4th Overall-Wyatt Wierzbicki
5th Overall-Gracelyn Barnett

Market Lamb
Grand Champion-Anna Pfaff
Reserve Champion-Harlee Beck
3rd Overall-Farrah Lauhoff
4th Overall-Harlee Beck
5th Overall-Cole Hartschen

Senior Showmanship-Gracelyn Barnett
Intermediate Showmanship-Farrah Lauhoff
Junior Showmanship-Lucas Lauhoff

Sheep Herdsmanship-Anna Pfaff



Daviess County finished their Junior Livestock Show over the weekend at Dockery Park in Gallatin.

Mackenzee Epperson exhibited the Grand and the Reserve Champion Bulls.

Kenzie Milligan showed the Grand Champion Heifer. Emma Henderson showed the Reserve Champion. Mackenzee Epperson had the third place animal. Sullivan Bird had the fourth place animal. Cutler Epperson had the fifth place animal. Emma Henderson won the In-County competition.

Thane Sloan exhibited the Grand Champion Market Animal. Tyler Sloan showed the Reserve Market Animal. Kenzie Milligan exhibited the third place entry. Jace Marx showed the fourth place animal. Bryton BeVelle showed the fifth place entry.

Mackenzee Epperson won Senior Senior Showmanship. Abigail Clark took Intermediate Showmanship. Xander Story won Junior Showmanship. Sullivan Bird won Beef Herdsmanship.

Abigail Smith showed the Grand Champion Poultry/Waterfowl in the Poultry/Waterfowl Show. Lance Jacobs had the Reserve Champion. Abigail Smith won Senior Showmanship. Jacob Smith won Intermediate Showmanship. Paxton Boyles won Junior Showmanship. Jacob Smith won the Herdsmanship competition.

Dominic Lee won 1st Place in the Dog Costume Contest. OliviA Sterneker placed 2nd. Lyndsey King was 3rd. Lyndsey King won Senior Showmanship. Abigail Clark won Intermediate Showmanship. Kealy Johnson won Junior Showmanship at the Daviess County Dog Show.

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