DESE Releases APR Scores For Missouri School Districts

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education released the Annual Performance Reports for school districts throughout the state. The APRs are intended to show the progress schools are making towards meeting the standards set out in the 6th edition of the Missouri School Improvement Program.

DESE says chronic absenteeism remains a concern and has increased most significantly among the lowest performing groups of students since the pandemic.

School reports are only being compared to their scores from last year since last year was the only other time scores were determined through MSIP6.

Overall, South Harrison achieved 82.6 percent of the maximum points which could be scored. The percentage increased from 77.0 percent last year. South Harrison’s Middle School saw an increase from 55.9 to 78 percent. South Harrison’s Elementary went from 72.2 percent last year to 79.6 percent in 2023. South Harrison High School went from 71.2 percent last year to 67.7 percent this year.

In overall scores, Albany stayed within a percentage point of their mark last year. Gallatin jumped from 68.4 to 74.6. Princeton stayed steady. Stanberry went from 83.6 last year to 81.8 this year. King City went from 83.8 last year to 78.3 this year. Maysville went from 88.2 last year to 68.3 this year.

In Missouri, 23 school districts achieved a 90 percent or better point percent from their MSIP6. 161 districts achieved a percentage of between 80 to 90 percent. 271 districts had a percentage between 70 and 80. 89 districts achieved a percentage of between 60 and 70 percent. 6 districts had a percentage of between 50 to 60 percent. 2 Missouri school districts had a percentage of 40 to 50 percent.