Dozen Peregrine Falcon Chicks Banded in Kansas City Area

The Missouri Department of Conservation biologists and conservation partners banded 12 peregrine falcon chicks on May 27 at four nests in the Kansas City area.

Peregrine falcons are among the area’s most watchable wildlife.

The speedy fliers are using nest boxes placed on tall office buildings and power plant smokestacks.

People in offices often see them hunting pigeons and other birds from the heights.

Falcons banded by MDC included: four chicks at Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLC office building; two chicks at American Century Investments building; four chicks at Evergy’s Iatan Power Plant smokestack, and two chicks at Evergy’s Hawthorn Power Plant smokestack.

Banding falcons helps ornithologists track falcon movements and survival.

The raptors are endangered in Missouri.

But hosting of nest boxes by conservation partners is boosting falcon numbers in the state and throughout the Midwest.

MDC’s goal is to enable the falcons to be removed from the state endangered species list in the future.