Drought Conditions Rise

Pre-drought conditions continue to gain more traction in northern Missouri according to the latest U.S. Drought Monitor Report. Most of DeKalb, Andrew, Holt, and Atchison counties to the west and most of Putnam, Mercer, and Sullivan counties to the east show pre-drought conditions. Moderate and severe drought territory in Missouri continues to be in mostly southern Missouri. Overall, Missouri has 17 percent of territory in moderate or worse drought conditions.

Severe and Extreme Drought territory is increasing in Iowa. Extreme Drought is the third of 4 drought levels and is now evident in southeast Iowa in addition to northwestern Iowa. Severe drought remains in the northern half of Wayne County and the Northeast corner of Decatur County. Areas further north are also in Severe Drought. The rest of Decatur County is considered in Moderate Drought. The northwest half of Ringgold County and show pre-drought conditions.

The U.S. Drought Monitor report takes into account conditions through Tuesday. The National Weather Service does include a chance of rain this weekend, but the extended forecast includes below normal precipitation through September 28th.

Missouri’s Drought Assessment Committee will hold its second meeting Friday morning in Jefferson City. Members will discuss the status of Missouri’s drought as well as any recommended changes to the ongoing state and federal response. In July, Governor Mike Parson signed an executive order instructing the special committee to convene to help guide the state’s drought response. The order declared a drought alert for 53 Missouri counties. About half of the state is currently experiencing abnormally dry to extremely dry conditions.

US Drought Monitor 9-15-22