Eggleston Details Special Session Work Regarding Violent Crime

Missouri 2nd District Representative J Eggleston says a new approach is being made in considering legislation in the special session called by the Governor to specifically deal with violent crime. The initial scope of the special session was to consider legislation dealing with Juvenile Certification as an adult for violent weapons offenses, Witness Protection, a modification of the definition for the offense of Endanger the Welfare of a Child, and increasing the penalty for Unlawful Transfer of Weapons.

Eggleston says the first approach was a bill created that included all of those components.


The new approach will be the consideration of bills that deal with the individual points.


The Governor also announced an expansion to the call for the Special Session that would allow the Attorney General’s Office to take on some of the murder cases that have not yet been prosecuted in the St Louis area.

Full Interview with Representative Eggleston.