Federal Official In Mount Moriah For Groundbreaking Of First Federal Infrastructure Funding Project

A federal administrator was in Mount Moriah Thursday for the official announcement of the broadband deployment project planned for the GRM Networks coverage area.


Andrew Berke is the Rural Utility Service Administrator for the USDA. He says the project and the subsequent projects are about filling a pledge.


He says the $65 billion dollars will not only bring high-speed internet capability, but also high-speed internet affordability


GRM Networks is using a $15.7 million grant to complete FTTP construction to the Missouri exchanges which include the Mount Moriah exchange.  This project will provide customers with broadband internet speeds up to 1 gigabit per second.

GRM Networks also provided demonstrations of fiber splicing and fiber installations at the Fiber Field Day.

GRM Networks Fiber Splicing Demonstration
GRM and Partners at Fiber Field Day
GRM Networks Fiber Deployment Demonstration Thursday
GRM Networks Fiber Deployment Demonstration