Felony Charges Filed For Late December Gentry County Weapons Incident

A Bethany man is facing two felony charges in Gentry County following an incident in late December.

The probable cause statement filed with the complaint by the Gentry County Sheriff’s Department alleges 77 year old Charles Norman Trump met another individual on a road in Gentry County. The individual stated he was hunting on leased land in Gentry County and was approached on the road by the suspect. The individual stated that the suspect questioned him, and then pulled a handgun and pointed it at the individual. He demanded the individual put his hands in the air. He later discharged the gun once after raising it just over the individual’s truck. He also demanded the individual give him a firearm he had in the glovebox of his truck.

Trump faces a B Felony Charge for Unlawful Use of A Weapon for shooting at or from a moving vehicle, at a person, or building and an E Felony for exhibiting a weapon.

He also faces a Misdemeanor charge of Tampering with the Property of Another.

Another court date for the matter is scheduled for January 24th.