Flu Shot Rate in Iowa Lagging

(Radio Iowa) The latest data indicates about 25 percent of Iowans have gotten a flu shot.

“It seems to be still a little bit less uptick than we’d like in comparison to years past.” That’s Dr. Robert Kruse, the state medical director. During the flu season three years ago, 40 percent of Iowans got a flu shot. Kruse says cases of influenza and the respiratory illness known as RSV are increasing in Iowa.

“People are interacting more,” Kruse says. “They’re more indoors.” According to the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services, just under 60 percent of Iowa residents are fully vaccinated against COVID. With holiday gatherings ahead, the agency is urging Iowans to get the flu shot AND ensure they’re up to date on COVID-19 vaccines.

“Having these vaccines can help lower and reduce your risk for illness and prevent some of those complications,” Kruse says. State records indicate nearly 33-point-four percent of Carroll County residents got the flu shot by the end of October. That’s the highest flu vaccination rate of any county. More than 71 percent of Johnson County residents are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

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