Free Seedlings Available To IA Communities Impacted By EAB

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says a grant through the U.S. Forest Service has been awarding communities in counties that have been confirmed with emerald ash borer up to 200 free seedlings from the Department’s State Forest Nursery, and communities can still receive free seedlings. The grant will provide free seedlings from the DNR’s State Forest Nursery.

The grant will provide the native hardwood and evergreen seedlings for up to 511 communities across the state.

The seedlings can be planted on public property or distributed to residents throughout the community for planting on private property. Cities or public organizations can choose to do both public and private property plantings.

This is also an opportunity that will also be available for cities with major tree damage or loss from the derecho to help repopulate the trees in their communities, as long as the county is a confirmed EAB county.

Iowa has confirmed emerald ash borer in 73 of its 99 counties. To learn more about EAB and to see the latest map with confirmed counties, visit this link.