Gentry County Election Results

Gentry County voters decisively approved the Grand River Regional Ambulance Question on the ballot Tuesday. In Gentry County, the measure was approved by a 78 to 22 percent margin.

Stanberry School District voters approved Keith McQuinn and Holly Luke for school board terms. King City School District voters approved Josh Veale and Eric Eaton for the 2 three-year terms and Hayden Hager for the 2-year term.

King City voters approved their city question by a 78 to 22 percent margin. Don Combe received the most write-in votes for the city’s mayor position.

The Village of Darlington had 2 candidates on the ballot for 3 positions. Dameon Cooper and Trina Seeley were on the ballot. Brad Williams had the highest write-in vote total.

There were no contested races for individual city races.

Gentry County Township questions were all approved Tuesday.

Gentry County individual numbers can be found here.