Governor Approves Noted Legislation From Recent Session

Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed a couple pieces of prominent legislation which were approved in the past session.

Senate Bill 39 prohibits educational institutions from allowing biological male students from participating on sports teams designated for biological females. The law will apply to all private and public colleges and universitities in the state and private and public elementary and secondary schools.

Senate Bill 49 was often referenced as the SAFE Act. It will prohibit health care providers from performing gender transition surgeries or prescribing hormones or drugs as part of gender transition to Missouri children under the age of 18.

The SAFE Act also bars MO HealthNet from providing payment for gender transition surgeries, cross-sex hormones, or puberty-blocking drugs for the purpose of gender transition. Additionally, health care services provided to incarcerated individuals in Missouri prisons, jails, and correction centers will not include elective gender transition surgeries.