Graves Says WOTUS Proposal Goes Too Far

ST. JOSEPH, MO (Missourinet) A controversial environmental proposal has resurfaced, prompting fierce opposition from Missouri’s agricultural sector once again. Brent Martin reports from Missourinet affiliate KFEQ in St. Joseph. . .

The Obama Administration attempted and failed to get the Waters of the United States approved, an attempt to allow the EPA to regulate bodies of waters at their source. The Biden Administration is taking another run at it. Northern Missouri Congressman Sam Graves opposes the measure, arguing it’s an overreach that would allow the federal government to trample private property rights.

Graves says the interpretation would allow the EPA to extend its jurisdiction well beyond the Clean Water Act approved by Congress. The EPA argues that it must be able to regulate water at its sources to ensure against pollution.

EPA Administrator Michael Regan says the proposal would provide clarity to America’s farmers.