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GRM Networks Announces Fiber-To-Premise Construction

GRM Networks has announced the preparation to begin fiber-to-the-premise construction this spring in the rural Bethany and rural Princeton exchanges. GRM has received approval from the Rural Utilities Service from the USDA to allow the preparation. Customers can anticipate construction crews and equipment in those areas over the next several months once construction begins.

The funding comes from the USDA’s ReConnect Program that awarded a $41.6 million grant/loan to GRM Networks.

GRM Networks has received environmental approval to begin the project. Minnesota-based contractors will be in charge of the construction. MasTec crews will bury the fiber for rural Bethany customers. H&D Underground will bury the fiber for the rural Princeton customers.

If weather allows, construction could begin as early as March, but the ground will need to be thawed before the work begins.

Engineering contractor Vantage Point Solutions will be working to prepare the locations for the fiber-to-the-premise upgrades. Residents may see machinery such as cable plows and boring rigs. GRM Networks will make every attempt to return all disturbed areas to their original conditions.

The installation of the fiber network will bring transmission rates capable of up to 1 Gigabit per second to customers in those exchanges.

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