Hemp Production To Be Surveyed By NASS

The USDA’s National Agriculture Statistics Service will be sending a Hemp Production and Disposition Inquiry to 103 Missouri producers later this year.

The project will measure changes from NASS’s 2022 Hemp Acreage and Production survey.

The survey will take information such as total harvested acreage, yield, production, and value of hemp in the United States in 2023.

For the 2022 season, NASS estimated the total value of industrial hemp production in the United States at $238 million, down 71 percent from 2021. Hemp production in the open was valued $212 million, while hemp grown under protection was valued at $26.1 million. Acres of hemp grown in the open were estimated at 28,314 planted and 18,251 harvested. Hemp grown under protection was estimated at 4.58 million square feet.

Survey recipients will be asked to respond by securely online, by mail, or fax. Those not responding by January 31st may be contacted to arrange an interview to complete the survey.

NASS will publish the survey results on April 19th on the NASS website.