House Special Committee on the Earnings Tax Announces Public Hearing in KC

The Missouri House Special Interim Committee on the Earnings Tax has announced they will be holding their final two public meetings to evaluate the policies of municipalities that utilize an earnings tax and evaluate personal property tax policies.

State Representative Jim Murphy, Chairman of the Special Interim Committee on the Earnings Tax, announced the second and third of three public hearings will be held ion Kansas City and St. Louis.

The St. Louis meeting is being held next Monday, October 30. The Kansas City meeting will be on Tuesday, November 7 from 1 until 4 P.M. at Union Station, with the exact room in UInion Station to be announced later.

The Special Interim Committee on the Earnings Tax was established to conduct a comprehensive examination of taxation policies affecting remote workers, with a particular focus on the disparities between the City of St. Louis and Kansas City’s taxation approaches compared to other municipalities nationwide.

House Speaker Dean Plocher expanded the committee’s purview in late September to encompass an in-depth assessment of personal property taxes.