House Special Committee On The Earnings Tax To Hold Tuesday Hearing In Kansas City

The Special Interim Committee on the Earnings Tax is set to hold their next hearing in Kansas City next week.

This hearing, which is the final of three public hearings aimed at studying and evaluating the impact and future of the earnings tax in St. Louis and Kansas City, personal property taxes, and the handling of remote workers being charged earnings tax, will be held Tuesday, November 7 from 1 until 4 P.M.

The hearing is being held at the Metropolitan Bar Association located at 2300 Main Street, Suite 915, in Kansas City.

The first portion of the hearing will focus on the earnings tax, with the later portion dealing with real estate taxes.

Areas of interest include loopholes in the Hancock Amendment that have allowed political subdivisions to capture tax increases without voter approval in violation of the spirit of the law passed by voters.

The committee will also into other areas, including how to improve the assessment and appeal process and creating a more equitable tax process.