Hy-Vee Eliminating Another 500 Corporate Jobs

DES MOINES, IA (Radio Iowa) Hy-Vee is eliminating up to 500 more jobs at its corporate offices.

The company is offering to pay moving expenses for an undisclosed number of those corporate employees who accept retail jobs in Hy-Vee stores. HyVee made the announcement in advertisements in The Des Moines Register and The Cedar Rapids Gazette. Hy-Vee’s C-E-O said the company is reducing operational costs in preparation for uncertain times ahead. Hy-Vee already cut 121 corporate positions in March and its C-E-O criticized employees in that group who did not accept transfers to retail positions. Last week, Hy-Vee announced it would no longer open five new stores in Minnesota’s Twin Cities. This week, it announced a delay in construction of a Hy-Vee warehouse in Cumming.

Hy-Vee currently operates at 280 locations in eight states. It has recently scaled back the number of stores that offer its “Aisles On Line” grocery delivery and pick-up service.