IA DNR Seeks Help For Wild Turkey Survey
Preliminary data from MDC shows hunters checked 2,127 turkeys during Missouri’s fall firearms turkey season, Oct. 1-31. Top harvest counties were Greene with 70 birds harvested, Maries with 58, and Franklin with 55. MDC Photo by MDC Staff, courtesy Missouri Department of Conservation.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources would appreciate help with its annual wild turkey production survey. During the months of July and August wild turkey sightings are recorded to estimate this year’s nesting rates and nest success.

To participate, you can note the date and county in which the turkey was seen, if it was an adult female or adult male – males have beards on their breast – and if and how many poults were present. The survey is available online through the Iowa Department of Natural Resources website.

Annual population surveys conducted by the DNR are used in considering the management strategy of wild turkeys. Turkey populations can fluctuate annually across all regions of the state.

All participation is appreciated.


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