Input Being Sought For North Missouri Grid Transformation Project

Open houses are being held this week in Worth, Gentry, and DeKalb Counties for the stakeholders of the Northern Missouri Grid Transformation Program. The program will construct a future new substation near Fairport and 43 miles of transmission line north to the Missouri-Iowa border. The program includes Ameren Missouri, Ameren Transmission Company of Illinois, and the Missouri Joint Municipal Electric Utility Commission. Project Manager Tracy Dencker says several individuals involved with the project will be available for the open houses.


She also talked a little about the input that is being sought through the open houses.


The open house Tuesday at the Grant City Golf Course will run through 1pm and again from 5 until 7pm. Another open house will be held from 11am until 1pm and from 5 until 7pm Wednesday at the Learning Discovery Center in Albany. The Thursday Open House will be held from 11am until 1pm and from 5 until 7pm at the DeKalb County Youth Building in Maysville.

There will also be a comment map available online between now and April 26th. More details are available at

Full Interview With Tracy Dencker