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Iowa City And School Board Positions Determined In Nov 2nd Vote

Iowa’s Election Day on Tuesday included elections for municipal and school board positions.

In Decatur County, Douglas Foster won an uncontested race for Lamoni Mayor. The 3 receiving the top vote totals for the At-Large Council position included MaryAnn Manuel with 172 votes, Tony Crandell with 160 votes, and Carrie Wood with 128 votes.

Leon selected Jerry Parsons, Tonya Lindsey, and Jonathan Erb to Council-At Large positions. Parsons received 214 votes. Lindsey had 159 votes. Erb received 119 votes. There were 6 candidates on the ballot for the 3 positions.

In the school board elections, Sean Saxton received 270 votes to fill the a Vacancy At-Large position. Jolene Petty had 181 votes. Dennis Lyle Adkisson received 91 votes. Andrew Sullivan received 327 votes and was elected to the District 2 position. Danielle Reed received 194 votes. Cassy Allen was the only candidate for the District 1 Director position and received 457 votes.

Kris Stevenson and Kathleen Mullins Lerma DeNuccio received the At-Large positions for Lamoni School District Director. Zack Mullins was uncontested for a vacancy At-Large position.

The Lamoni Public Measure was also approved 149 to 82. That measure allows the Lamoni Mayor and Decatur County Board of Supervisors to jointly appoint a resident of Decatur County, but not a resident of Lamoni to serve on the Board of Trustees of the Lamoni Public Library.




In Ringgold County, Steven Fetty was uncontested for Mount Ayr Mayor. Mack Greene and Jessica Bishop were elected to Mount Ayr Council At-Large positions. Greene received 237 votes. Bishop had 198 votes. Brent Ricker received 135 votes. The City of Kellerton had 6 candidates on the ballot for 2 council positions. Chad Holmes had the highest vote total with 30 votes. Jordan Wright was next highest with 28 votes.

Mount Ayr School District voter approved Zach Lynch to a Director’s position with 431 votes. Russell Rusty Jackson-Schuitema was uncontested for the other position.

John Paul Whittington easily won the contested Diagonal At-Large School Director’s position, 83-10, over Jeff Doolittle.




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