Iowa Youth Group Launches Statewide Fundraiser at Noon Today

(Radio Iowa_ The Iowa Four-H Foundation is holding its annual Iowa Giving Day over 24 hours from noon today (Tuesday) through noon tomorrow. While there are some 23-thousand young Iowans in the organization now, the day is an appeal to all past members and others, according to Emily Faveraid, executive director of the Ames-based foundation.

“National 4H Week is a great opportunity to highlight the 4H program and all the things that it does for young people throughout the year,” Faveraid says. “Our special Iowa 4H Giving Day is an opportunity for alumni and friends to give back a little bit to support the program that has made a difference for them.” The program has grown well beyond its original farm-centered roots and now gives young people the opportunity to explore anything and everything that interests them.

“A lot of times we think of 4H as kind of an ag-focused organization, and certainly the livestock component and those county fairs are a really important part of our program, but young people are doing so many things through 4H,” Faveraid says. “They’re doing robotics, they’re looking at entrepreneurship, they’re focusing on careers.” When you visit the website, Iowa 4-H Giving Day-dot-org, you can make a donation directly to any of 50 individual 4-H clubs in Iowa.

“We’re also fundraising generally for programs across the state and focusing on the 4H priority areas of STEM, healthy living, leadership and civic engagement, ag and natural resources,” Faveraid says. “Dollars donated to those programs will go back to support curriculum development and trips and special programs that can support and impact young people across the state.” Anyone can donate, not just former members, and the minimum donation is $5. She says any gift, large or small, is part of a collective effort to strengthen the 4-H program and better serve Iowa’s youth.
(Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City)