The Drought Monitor Index Map for Missouri stayed very similar to last week. Iowa’s drought area regressed and now includes more acreage considered to be in second-level, or severe drought.

Much of Missouri and the southern tier of Iowa have received either ample rainfall or at least timely rains. There is no acreage north of Interstate 70 in Missouri that is considered in the Abnormally Dry category. Most of the drought area is confined to the southwest part of the state. 8 percent of Missouri is considered in Moderate Drought. Another 25 percent is in the Abnormally Dry category.

62 percent of Iowa shows some degree of dryness. The D2, or Severe Drought, category developed another pocket and now includes 13 percent of the state. That figure is up by 5 percent from last week. Another 20 percent of the state is considered D1, or in Moderate Drought. That includes parts of 15 counties in the western and west-central part of the state. Another 30 percent is considered Abnormally Dry. The northern half of Wayne County and the northeastern part of Decatur County at in the Abnormally Dry category.