Iowa’s Top Republicans Rip Trump Indictment

(Radio Iowa) Iowa’s top Republicans are denouncing the indictment of former President Donald Trump. Governor Kim Reynolds says it’s a sham.

Governor Reynolds says Trump’s indictment is an assault on democracy, using government power to go after a political opponent. Reynolds says it isn’t normal, it isn’t justice and it’s not what America stands for. Senator Chuck Grassley says the case against Trump is weak and the indictment is an alarming example of the politicization of the state and federal justice system. Senator Joni Ernst says the district attorney who’s prosecuting the case has been fixated on going after the former president while crime in New York City runs rampant.

Congresswoman Ashley Hinson of Marion says the indictment is politically motivated, wrong and dangerous. The other three Iowa Republicans serving in the U.S. House have not issued statements about the case. Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird tweeted last (Thursday) night that politics don’t belong in prosecutions, but she did not directly mention Trump’s indictment.