Judge’s Ruling Changes Ballot Language That Accompanies Amendment 3 Measure

A judge has thrown the ballot language was to appear with the Amendment 3 measure on November’s election. The Amendment 3 proposal in November would repeal a 2018 vote that changes that way legislative districts are constructed in Missouri. It would essentially revert back to the system that is controlled by the legislature whereby legislative districts are constructed based on demographics and population. The 2018 vote allowed a system that would allow legislative districts to be redrawn by an individual nonpartisan demographer and be more population-based. If passed Amendment 3 would let a bipartisan commission redraw legislative districts.

The summary written by the Cole County judge stated the ruling was thrown out because the language that would have accompanied the measure did not deal with the central premise of the ballot measure that is considered the wholesale repeal of voter-approved rules for redistricting and replacing them with prior redistricting rules designed to benefit incumbant legislators.

The new language will now read that the measure would:

Repeal rules for drawing state legislative districts approved by voters in November 2018 and replace them with rules proposed by the legislature;
Lower the campaign contribution limit for senate candidates by $100; and
Lower legislative gift limit from $5 to $0, with exemptions for some lobbyists?

State governmental entities expect no cost or savings. Individual local governmental entities expect significant decreased revenues of a total unknown amount.