King City Council Gets Bulk Item Disposal Update

King City’s Board of Aldermen received information about the pick up of bulk items for disposal of city residents during their meeting held Monday night.

The city plans a to have a dumpster available for residents to dispose of bulk items on Monday, September 25th from 7am until 4pm. The location will be on 101 North 1st Street. Customers who would like to have the items removed curbside will have a chance to purchase a $5 sticker, display that sticker on their bulk item, and have that item picked up by the city’s solid waste collector. That information will also be published in the next two weeks.

The council approved the new 20-year franchise renewal agreement with Evergy.

Council members also approved street closings for the October Pumpkinfest planned at King City. The city will also provide picnic tables and waste collection containers. They also approved a beer garden tent provided that proper licensing is obtained.

The council also approved the purchase of a PLC for the city’s control board to their water plant. The purchase is being made as a backup measure. The item is soon to be discontinued. Without a working PLC, the city would need a new control board at the water plant and the pump station. The move will allow the city to research potential grant funding for an updated control board.

The council approved purchases of salt for the upcoming winter season and a second load of street oil.

The city has interviews with two applicants for the Chief of Police position at King City planned Thursday.