King City School Receives CARES Act Funding

King City Superintendent Danny Johnson notified King City School Board members Monday that the district has been approved for more CARES Act funding. The district has been approved for $22,616 dollars that will be the King City School District’s share of the allocation announced by the Governor recently for all of Missouri’s districts. The release from the governor’s office reported over $61 million dollars would be allowed to Missouri’s K-12th grades in support of elementary and secondary education.

King City’s district will also receive over $3,300 from the Patterson Foundation that will be used to support needed weekend meals for families.

King City’s board approved the purchase of 15 computers for the high school staff that will be funded by CARES Act money.

The board also approved another purchase of wall mats for the old gymnasium. That funding will not be CARES Act related.

The district plans to begin the process of inspection the roofs on the campus prior to work that will likely be done next summer.

The district’s Alternative Methods of Instruction Plan was also reviewed at the session.