Latest ‘Iowa Poll’ Shows Grassley With Double-Digit Lead Over Franken

(Radio Iowa) A Des Moines Register “Iowa Poll” released this weekend shows Republican Senator Chuck Grassley with a 12 point lead over Democratic challenger Mike Franken. Grassley has joined a group of Republicans running for statewide office flying to campaign rallies in eight different cities today (Monday).

“Like the governor and everybody else up here, we don’t take your vote for granted,” Grassley said, “so in a humble way, I ask for your vote.” Grassley is seeking an eighth term in the U.S. Senate.

“The people tomorrow have a choice between a rubber stamp for the Biden Administration and everything that’s gone wrong in the last two years or this person that’s serving the people of Iowa,” Grassley said. “I think I’m in tune with the people of Iowa by traveling the state as I do every year.” Franken says he’s appealing to independents and Republicans as well as Democrats who believe Grassley’s 63 years in office is enough.

“If we want a different direction for the state of Iowa,” Franken said, “if we want a clean thought process, a place where America looks in the mirror and feels good about itself and where economically, scholastically, health care are of high import to you, then give me a look.” Franken suggests having former President Trump campaign for Grassley last Thursday was an act of desperation.

“And in my hometown, in Sioux City,” Franken said. “…In phone calls I got flooded with from Sioux Citians afterwards, saying: ‘OMG, save us from ourselves.’ I’m not that type of savior, but I am a steady hand on the tiller and hopefully we get this ship of state back on course.” Franken is campaigning in Sioux City, Council Bluffs and Ames today (Monday).