Listening Area Lifted Of Drought Territory On New Drought Map

Recent rains that included substantial moisture has taken virtually all of our listening area out of drought or pre-drought conditions.


The U.S. Drought Monitor released Thursday showed all of the southern Iowa counties in our listening area out of pre-drought conditions. Decatur, Wayne, Ringgold, and Taylor Counties were all in pre-drought conditions last week and are only a few weeks removed from moderate drought conditions. There are no local Missouri counties that show any pre-drought conditions within out listening area. There are some small areas in southeast Missouri counties that are showing some pre-drought conditions.



Recent rains in Iowa have noticeably improved their soil moisture situation. With the southern Iowa counties lifted from any drought concerns, nearly 30 percent of the state reports adequate moisture. 15 percent of Iowa territory remains in pre-drought conditions. Another 25 percent are considered to be in moderate drought. 38 percent report severe drought. Most of that territory is in central and northern Iowa.


This week’s soil moisture map did not include the Wednesday rains in central and northeast Iowa.