Livingston County Sheriff – Incidents, Arrests and MORE Public Information 7/31/20

Incident Reports:

July 08 LCSO responded to location in Wheeling as a syringe had been found.  Item was seized and properly disposed of.

July 16 LCSO responded to an animal bite call on Mohawk Road.  An adult had been bitten the previous day but stray cat and the person has since received medical attention.  The Livingston County Health Center was notified of the information.

July 16 LCSO assisted the Chillicothe Police with a burglary and theft investigation.  Officers were in Avalon searching areas for stolen tools and obtained permission to search a living area from the resident.  Deputy subsequently located methamphetamine, drug distribution equipment and drug paraphernalia.  No stolen tools were found.  Officers arrested Lee Alvin Hines, 43, Avalon for the alleged drug violations and he was incarcerated at DDRJ.  Mr. Hines was released from jail on bond July 20.

July 17 LCSO received information from the court on 40 defendants who recently failed to appear on traffic citations or criminal summons.  We will complete incident report on each person for additional charge of Failure to Appear in Court.

July 19 summoned to Utica for a report of littering.  Investigation shows a person pulled onto private property and dumped 15 large bags.  The person that did this claims to be the former landlord of the male living at that address and was returning all the trash he left at his previous address in Caldwell County.  Matter has been resolved.

July 20 LCSO staff were summoned to the Livingston County Courthouse for an unruly man in Circuit Court.  LCSO arrested Anthony David Munroe, 39, Chillicothe as he had been committed to Jail by the Judge on a felony warrant for alleged class E felony Failure to Appear in Court.  The suspect was removed from the court and found to be in possession of marijuana in the courtroom.  All reports will be submitted to the prosecuting attorney for consideration of charge(s).  Mr. Munroe was immediately transferred to Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail.

July 20 LCSO was summoned to Chula on complaints of a vehicle being driven around Chula by a young juvenile and fireworks being tossed from the vehicle, some of which were striking other vehicles and private property.  The vehicle was located in Chula and lots of information was collected.  Juveniles and parent(s) were contacted and informed of what had been going on.  A person who “owned” the vehicle did not have proof of auto insurance, had not properly registered the vehicle and allowed an unlicensed young person to drive who had no legal right to operate a vehicle.  Citation(s) issued to the person who allowed this to happen.

July 21 LCSO assisted the Missouri State Highway Patrol and Chillicothe Police on a dispatched sighting of a stolen pickup in a business parking lot at south end of Chillicothe.   The MSHP and sheriff were first on scene a newer diesel pickup had been reported stolen in Chariton County and was found on the parking lot where a suspect was changing a tire.  When suspect saw law enforcement he slithered into the stolen pickup and refused to comply with multiple requests to show himself and his hands.  Suspect was finally removed from the vehicle at gun point and officers noted there was an empty holster and ammunition beside the suspect but no handgun was found.  A second newer very valuable pickup was parked behind the stolen vehicle and officers learned a second suspect had gone out the front door of the business and was stopped by CPD.  That person was also arrested as the second pickup had been stolen from another county.  Investigation shows a 3rd pickup had been stolen earlier in Carroll County and involved in an accident and left the scene.  A great deal of information was obtained during this and investigations continue by multiple agencies.  This case is suspected to be related to other area auto thefts of valuable pickups over time in north Missouri.  Nicholas Glen Newton, 36, St. Joseph was arrested for alleged Tampering with Motor Vehicle and Possession of Methamphetamine.  Ron Michael Harris, 33, St. Joseph was also arrested on a Parole Warrant (suspect had been out of prison a whole 3 days) along with 2 counts Tampering with Motor Vehicle and Possession of Controlled Substances.  Great TEAM Work by all involved.

July 23 LCSO investigated reported domestic assault in south east part of Livingston County.  Information was collected and multiple people interviewed.  Investigation does not support the reported assault took place.

July 24 LCSO learned a stolen pickup from the north east part of Livingston County on or about June 21, 2020 had recently been recovered in Buchanan County, MO.  The vehicle had been destroyed by fire.  This allegedly ties in with other current and on-going investigations by this and other law enforcement agencies.

July 25 LCSO took report of trespassing violations by 2 men in the Chula area.  Investigation continues.

July 29 LCSO assisted the Missouri State Fire Marshall’s office with an arson investigation.  Deputies obtained statements from two potential persons of interest and shared that information with the investigating agency.

July 30 LCSO received report of fraud by the victim of a scam.  Local resident was conned into believing they had a friend in another state who needed victims banking information so the friend’s grandmother could send some money.   Victim had fraudulent checks in amount of about $800 deposited into account and then withdrew $700 and purchased Amazon and iTunes cards and those cards/information were sent to the scammer.  That bank account has since been closed and little to no chance the victim’s money will ever be recovered.

This week LCSO investigated report of missing Wheeling resident who was allegedly suicidal.  Various attempts to locate the person were made and later this week the person was found to be safe and is being properly cared for now.


Most Wanted Updates:

July 20 added Jeffery Dwaine Morris, 47, Cameron wanted on Livingston County arrest warrant #20LV-CR00298 for alleged Failure to Obey a Judge’s Order on original class D felony Possession of Controlled Substance (Methamphetamine).

Surrendered July 25!  July 21 added Billy Robert Jenkins, 30, Wheeling, wanted on Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged PROBATION VIOLATION on original class B felony Distribution/Delivery/Manufacture/Produce or Attempt or Possess with Intent to Distribute/Deliver/Manufacture/Produce a Controlled Substance.  Bond set at $20,000 cash on case #16LV-CR00097-01 with warrant dated July 20, 2020.


Other Arrests:

July 13 a deputy stopped a vehicle on 36 for failure to drive in one lane as the vehicle kept crossing into the other lane.  The stop resulted in the arrest of Mark Alan Baker, 58, Canton, MO for alleged Driving While Suspended and the lane violation.  Mr. Baker was processed at the LCSO and released on summons.

July 16 LCSO extradited John Marvin Goodwin, 17, Chillicothe from the Hamilton Police Department on a Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged class D felony Receiving Stolen Property.  Mr. Goodwin was then transferred to the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail in lieu of bond.

July 18 MSHP arrested Cassandra N. Wagner, 31, Illinois on a Clark County MO arrest warrant for alleged failure to appear in Court on an excessive speed warrant dated 02-20-2020.  LCSO assisted in bond paperwork for Ms. Wagner who was then released.

July 20 LCSO arrested Jason David Close, 23 on a Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged Bond Violation on original Failure to Register as a Sex Offender violation.  Mr. Close was transferred to DDRJ in lieu of bond.

July 23 LCSO arrested James Henry Venneman, 36, Chula when Mr. Venneman surrendered to the LCSO on a Pike County arrest warrant for alleged class E felony Non-Support.  Mr. Venneman was released on bond with a court date to appear.



July 25 K-9 Zaki and Deputy Leadbetter were summoned to the area of Washington and Ryan Lane by Chillicothe PD on assistance call.  Officer(s) had located a wanted person and reasonable suspicion to believe drug(s) were in a vehicle.  Zaki alerted to the presence of drug odor(s).  Officers then seized suspected methamphetamine and other evidence.  See CPD for additional information.   Reports submitted to prosecuting attorney.

July 28 Zaki was summoned by Chillicothe Police to a location on the east side of Chillicothe where a person was found in a garage by the property owner and that person had no legal right to be there.  Information supported the person was still inside the building when police arrived but no communication with the suspect could be established.  K-9 Zaki and Deputy Leadbetter with a CPD officer eventually entered and cleared the building.  The suspect had apparently fled prior to officer’s arrival.  See CPD for additional information.



July 16 a Carrollton driver was issued a speeding citation for 55 in a 35 on U.S. 65 at Grand River in Construction Zone.

July 16 a Kansas City driver was issued a speeding citation for 85 in a 65 on U.S. 36 at LIV 251.

July 17 a Smithville driver was issued a speeding citation for 85 in a 65 on U.S. 36 at LIV 259.

July 17 a Chicago Illinois driver was issued a speeding citation for 94 in a 65 on U.S. 36 near Mitchell Road.

July 17 a Kansas drive3r was issued a speeding citation for 80 in a 65 on U.S. 36 near Mooresville.

July 17 an Urbana Illinois driver was cited for 81 in a 65 on U.S. 36 at LIV 247.

July 19 LCSO issued a Chula driver a speeding citation for 85 in a 60 on U.S. 65 at LIV 222.

July 19 LCSO issued a Michigan driver a speeding citation for 86 in a 65 on U.S. 36 at LIV 259.

July 20 LCSO issued a Gallatin driver a speeding citation for 72 in a 55 on Highway 190 at Route N.  LCSO has received multiple complaints on this or a similar vehicle driving careless and speeding on 190 frequently.

July 24 issued speeding citation to a Wyoming driver for 70 in a 60 on U.S. 65 at Chula Junction.

July 24 a Chillicothe driver was issued speeding citation for 85 in a 60 on U.S. 65 and LIV 304.

July 27 a Parkville driver was issued a speeding citation for 90 in a 65 on U.S. 36 and Highway B at 6:50 p.m.

July 28 issued a speeding citation to a Weatherby driver for 80 in a 65 on U.S. 36 at LIV 259 at 6:00 p.m.

July 28 a speeding citation issued to a Kansas driver for 78 in a 65 on U.S. 36 at LIV 259.

July 29 a speeding citation issued to a Kirksville driver for 89 in a 65 on U.S. 36 at LIV 259 at 5:25 p.m.

LCSO issued many warnings in addition to the above on multiple traffic safety enforcement projects.  Overtime for the deputy is reimbursed to Livingston County through a traffic safety grant.


Additional Information:

Sheriff Steve Cox, Deputy Nicholas Leadbetter and K-9 Zaki had the honor of assisting Chillicothe Police Chief Jon Maples with leading the Chillicothe Car Show Parade last Friday evening.

July 21/22 LCSO guarded a person on felony arrest at Hedrick Medical Center due to admission for concern of possible medical condition.

LCSO is requesting reimbursement from the State of Missouri for $924 for the costs incurred with extraditing prisoner from the State of Minnesota on a felony bad check warrant on July 09, 2020.

July 31 LCSO has 49 people in custody.

If you have information about these or other crimes please call us at 660-646-0515, dispatch at 660-646-2121 or submit a non-urgent TIP through our website at