A local author has published the first book of a book series that details the experiences of three generations of her family. June Betz was raised in rural Spickard, attended Spickard High School, and moved to California at the age of 16. She says all the material for the entire series of the books came within a span of 10 days when she visited her mother.

The book details joys of love and romance, tragedies of death, and the physical and sexual abuse experienced within the marriages of both herself and her mother.



The book is available on Amazon.com. However, through September 30th, you can contact the author to purchase the book for a special price of $10.00 and/or place bulk orders by writing to her at: [email protected] with “Missouri Maidens” as the subject line.

Here is a full interview with Trenton Author June Betz on the book series Missouri Maidens