Major Missouri River Levee Near Northwest Missouri’s Corning has been Rebuilt

A major Missouri River levee in far northwest Missouri has been rebuilt, back to its original standard.

A reconstruction of a major Missouri River levee in northwest Missouri is being touted as a model in rebuilding levees, after a devastating flood. The flood of 2019 destroyed levee 536 near Corning, flooding tens of thousands of acres in Holt and Atchison counties. The U-S Army Corps of Engineers listened to local input and moved the levee back … creating a setback for floodwaters to pool in the hope of preventing them from breaching the levee.

Corps Omaha district commander Colonel Mark Himes has heard the method used is a model for other levee rebuilds. Commander Himes says the Corps also used a reimbursable contract, so work on rebuilding the levee could start immediately.