Man Tries to Flee from Livingston County Court

A man from Dawn attempted to flee the courtroom, disobeying a judge’s order in Livingston County.

Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox shared this press release.

On the afternoon of September 08, Associate Circuit Court was taking place on the 3rd floor of the Livingston County Courthouse. A Chillicothe Police Officer was there for Municipal Court and a deputy was there for Associate Court.

In court but out on bond for 2 alleged class D felony Possession of Controlled Substance violations, was 60-year-old William L. Schneiter of Dawn. Judge Leamer directed Mr. Schneiter to submit to a drug screen urine test. The officers escorted Mr. Schneiter to the restroom but reported he would not comply. Mr. Schneiter was directed to a seat in the courtroom to give him time to cooperate with the test.

The court was continuing with another case when suddenly Mr. Schneiter reportedly created a disturbance in the courtroom and fled the court with Chief Deputy Michael Claypole chasing him. Mr. Schneiter knew he was being arrested and still made it to the 1st floor of the courthouse where he ran into the “loving” arms of Deputy Jay Shirley who was assigned courthouse security yesterday. Mr. Schneiter was placed in restraints and returned to appear before the judge.

The court issued an arrest warrant for Mr. Schneiter for alleged Failure to Obey a Judge’s Order on the original 2 felony allegations. Mr. Schneiter was transferred to Davies Dekalb Regional Jail with bond denied. Additional charge(s) are being sought.