MDC Reminds Dove Hunters to Check For Non-Toxic Shot Requirements

With dove hunting season on the horizon, hunters should check for nontoxic shot regulations before heading out.

The Missouri Department of Conservation reminds hunters of areas for dove hunting that require nontoxic shot use.

Hunters should check regulations for the conservation area where they plan to hunt before going afield.

The Kansas City and northwest regions have conservation areas with fields managed for doves, such as sunflower fields.

Some MDC public use areas require nontoxic shot for dove hunting, while others require them for all hunting activities with shotguns.

A complete list of the 26 MDC areas that require nontoxic shot for dove hunting and the 46 MDC areas that require nontoxic shot for all types of hunting with shotguns can be found in MDC’s “Migratory Bird and Waterfowl Hunting Digest 2023-2024” booklet.

This publication is available at most MDC offices and places that sell hunting permits.

Missouri’s dove season starts September 1 and runs through November 29.

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