MDC Reminds Hunters to Know Procedures For Harvesting Game

With hunting season underway, the Missouri Department of Conservation wants to remind hunters of procedures they must follow before and after harvesting game.

Hunters must have their permits before hunting.

Purchasing your permit after harvesting game is a violation.

After harvesting a deer, turkey, elk, or bear, and before transporting the animal, make sure to notch your permit.

The final step is to telecheck your harvested deer, turkey, elk, or bear.

You must telecheck your harvested game animal by 10 p.m. on the day it was taken.

MDC also reminds hunters to be aware of baiting regulations.

More information about telecheck procedures, baiting regulations, and other parts of deer and turkey hunting in Missouri can be found in the “2023 Fall Deer and Turkey” booklet, a free publication available at all MDC offices and most places that sell hunting permits.

Hunting information can also be found at