MDC Reminds Residents to Keep Wild Animals Wild

As the weather warms up and more people head outside, they may encounter a variety of newborn animals.

Though young wildlife oftentimes appears to be abandoned, that’s usually not the case.

The Missouri Department of Conservation reminds residents that interfering with wildlife can do more harm than good.

Despite what many believe, wild mothers do not abandon their young because of a human scent, and most newborn animals do not survive in captivity.

MDC State Wildlife Veterinarian Sherri Russell says young animals are rarely orphaned and if the young is left alone, the parent will usually return.

Parents are normally out searching for food and cannot constantly attend to their offspring.

Russell also noted that wildlife can become dangerous as they mature, and can also carry parasites, disease, and can damage property.

Although tempting to take them into homes and care for them, the best help people can offer wild animals is to leave them alone.