MDC Stocks Trout in St. Joseph

The Missouri Department of Conservation recently stocked rainbow trout at two St. Joseph lakes, giving anglers a chance to catch a popular cold-water fish close to home.

The fishing is catch-and-release until after February 1.

MDC stocked the trout in Krug Park Lagoon and Everyday Pond.

The lagoon is in the city’s Krug Park, and Everyday Pond is on the campus of Missouri Western State University.

The pan-sized trout stocked were raised at MDC fish hatcheries.

Lunkers from hatchery brood stock were also released.

Trout are not native to Missouri, but water temperatures are cool enough and oxygen levels high enough in winter for trout to survive.

Only flies and unscented artificial lures may be used by anglers during the catch-and-release season from November 1 to January 31.

Natural baits such as worms, scent baits, corn, hot dogs, shrimp, and chicken livers may not be used during this time.

Scented soft plastic lures are also prohibited.

Missouri residents over age 15 and under 65 will need a state fishing permit.

All non-residents over age 15 will need a state fishing permit.

Starting February 1, anglers with valid permits may keep up to four trout.

They must also have a Missouri trout fishing permit to keep trout.

Anglers fishing in waters stocked under MDC’s winter trout fishing program should check sign postings for specific regulations for those waters.

MDC stocked the trout in partnership with Missouri Western State University and the St. Joseph Parks, Recreation, and Civic Facilities Department.

For information about winter trout fishing at Krug Park Lagoon and Everyday Pond, call MDC’s Northwest Regional Office in St. Joseph, 816-271-3100.

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