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MDC Wants Drivers to Give Turtles a “Brake” This Spring


The Missouri Department of Conservation wants drivers to keep a cautious eye on the road this spring and give turtles a “brake.” 

Many species of Missouri turtles become more active during the spring as they emerge from their burrows and cross the roads in search of food and a mate.

Cars often hit these reptiles during the warmer months, but turtles are at an increased risk in the spring as they emerge from burrows during warm and wet conditions.

Vehicles are one of the leading factors in box turtle declines, and MDC urges motorists to be cautious and slow down when they see a turtle on the road. 

If stopping to help a turtle make it safely across, check for traffic and move the turtle in whichever direction it was already going.

MDC also encourages the public to leave turtles in the wild.

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