MDC Wants You to Give Turtles a “Brake”

The Missouri Department of Conservation encourages drivers to be cautious on the roads this spring and give turtles a “brake.”

MDC says thousands of box turtles are killed every year by vehicles.

Turtles are at increased risk this time of year because they are more active.

They emerge from their burrows and begin hunting for food and mates during warm and wet conditions, which can lead them to cross roadways, often resulting in their death.

MDC urges motorists to be cautious and slow down if they see a turtle on the road.

If you are helping a turtle make it safely across the road, check for traffic and always move the turtle in the direction it is already traveling.

Additionally, MDC urges the public to leave turtles in the wild.

MDC says taking a wild animal, whether a turtle or other wildlife species and keeping it as a pet often results in a slow death.

Leave wild animals wild, follow the speed limit, and keep your eyes on the road.