MDC Warns Not to Burn Outdoor Debris That Could Cause a Wildfire

The Missouri Department of Conservation reminds people strong winds, low humidity, and dry conditions this time of year mean extra caution is needed to avoid unexpected wildfires.

According to MDC, a leading cause of wildfires is improper burning of debris such as leaves or brush piles.

Areas of Missouri have already seen an increase in wildfire activity over the last week, mainly in the southern half of the state.

MDC staff have been working with other agencies and area fire departments to contain numerous wildfires.

MDC urges landowners, hunters, campers, and others in the outdoors to help prevent wildfires by not burning during wrong conditions.

Dry grass, high temperatures, low humidity, and wind make fire nearly impossible to control.

Check with local fire departments regarding burn bans or Red Flag Warnings that may be in place because critical fire weather conditions are either occurring or will shortly.

Wildfires can start when dry fuel, such as grass, comes in contact with catalytic converters.

Think twice before driving into and across a grassy field. Never park over tall, dry grass or piles of leaves that can touch the underside of a vehicle.

Call 911 at the first sign of a fire getting out of control.

Help stop arson by calling 800-392-1111 and reporting any potential arson activities. Callers will remain anonymous, and rewards are possible.